About Us

Gladstone One Stop Shop, a friendly convenience store serving mostly Filipinos, was formally launched on January 5, 2020, at 6564 Victoria Drive in Vancouver, BC, Canada by partners Tito Valdez and Gen Gallos. Shoppers experience hospitality by helping them find what they need and assisting them cheerfully.

The store started with the Promag 300, a magnesium supplement applied through transdermal manner which originates from the Philippines. According to Gen and Tito, they have customers of Promag 300 all over Canada. The store also offers a variety of Philippine products, health and wellness essentials, RTWs and a lot more. Likewise, it serves as a trading center for One Fil Coop members who want to market their products and services. According to Valdez, One Filipino Cooperative of BC has been helping him and Gen before the opening of the store.

Members of the co-op gets five percent discount on groceries and other items at the store. In addition, they are also entitled to patronage refund at the end of each year.

The store also offers money remittance service and home delivery of products sold to customers who live far from the store location.

The past two years of operation were very challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the establishment of the store’s online shop, the owners hope to offer more products, improve its services, and reach more customers at the convenience of their home.