PROMAG 300 Magnesium Soap 90g


PROMAG 300 Magnesium Soap 90g


PROMAG SOAP is a powerful combination of Magnesium and Collagen to promote healthy skin.

Weight: 90 gram


Lather soap then gently apply on skin. Rinse off.


* A special formulation of PROMAG 300 (Nano Active Magnesium Hydroxide) with premium Collagen to gently cleanse the skin without drying, soothe irritations and inflammations, and leaves you feeling fresh and detoxified. Notice your skin become smoother, more glowing and vibrant as an effect of this miracle mineral, Magnesium with Collagen.

* Magnesium protects the skin from free radical damage, inflammation and it’s necessary for the enzymes that regulate cell turnover and repair.

fresh and detoxified; Skin becomes smoother, more glowing and vibrant.

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